"I enjoy meeting all clients personally and would be delighted if I can be of assistance, just call or drop me an email. Below is a brief intro to our company and an overview of my journey thus far."

Mans - A.K. Mansour 

Founder Frontier Investments

Born and raised in Egypt, I moved to the UK to study. I obtained an MSc in Advanced Marketing Management from Lancaster University, and started my career in London in 2008. Today, I lead Cape 66° and Frontier.Investments

There are three sides to Frontier.Investments; Watches & Fine Assets present clients with a selection of investment worthy assets which are a pleasure to have, our Swiss Gold & Storage Solution complements client portfolios with a safe yet liquid asset, and Property Finds brings our clients a selection of attractively priced property investments. Our property finds are largely focused on El Gouna and London, the two places we know best.